Key Master. Red! Or Blue?

By Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony; Kinetics MagazineThe ancient art of Numerology teaches that everything comes down to a choice. The way we drive to work, the clothes we wear each day, the time of morning we wake up, the brand of coffee we purchase and the neighborhood where we choose to live. Choice is based upon a decision which produces an outcome. Outcome is known as the result of our choice. All outcomes create a wheel of possibilities. Therefore, choice equals our freewill. Freewill equals our destiny. Today, there is a choice that must be made like no other time in our history.  That choice is our vote! That vote equals a certain destiny for all mankind.

There is a squeaky door that needs attention before we can close it.  These next couple of months may bring about some of the most iniquitous alterations our planet will see if we don’t wake up from a deep slumber.  Feminine consciousness has become the intermediate spotlight due to the Right Wing’s extreme political agenda. Let us refer to this as, “Red.”  This crazy chorus of disapproval for women will either awaken a sleeping giant or, close its eyes for decades.  Many experts say this dissent could last even longer if women remain quiet.


"A women’s opinion was censored, tossed aside or whispered
behind clandestine rooms by some of the greatest ladies in history."


Century after century, women have stood by man’s need to control and rule with an Ironclad fist in the name of God. These supposed righteous men were theoretical servants of God and were appointed by the highest political magistrates. Kings were considered the Supreme Heads of the church under Christ and were considered, ‘Plutonium Cast Iron Men’.  A women’s worth was auctioned off as a political resource of persuasion by Kings, Noblemen and Popes. Sordid bargaining developed into arranged unions as bait for political alliances. A women’s opinion was censored, tossed aside or whispered behind clandestine rooms by some of the greatest ladies in history.  Men, who held positions of title, money and power required women to bring forth the next male heir, tend to song and dine as unspoken ornaments. Yes, these times have long gone. But, they could return. Sounds ridiculous? I agree. However, as I study the planetary road maps that lay ahead, my intuitive headlights blink on and off when I hear the major Cable News Media talking heads refer to the GOP’s extreme, right wing, agenda as, “Going back to the Dark Ages.” Read on...

The ebb and flow of people’s freedom became a giant tsunami from 1553-1558. Queen Bloody Mary’s promise to appeal and reinstate the Catholic Churches (Red Party) doctrine laws against the Liberal Protestants (Blue Party) and commoners became a reality. It became one of the most divided periods in our history. Sound familiar?

On June 15, 1215, King John’s hand was literarily forced to sign a document known as, The Magna Carta. The abuse of the common man had reached an all time high under the reign of King John.  The signing of the Magna Carta became the modus operandi of our own Constitution and was supposed to curtail the abusive and extreme personal agendas of Kings, sovereigns and religious leaders. Unfortunately, what occurred after the signing of this historical text was nothing less than brutal tyranny. Once again, the abuse of power danced under the eye of the Catholic Church, (Red Party) while the Barron’s (Blue Party) negotiated for time until the French came to the aid at Rochester Castle.


“Queen Elizabeth would claim victory with a gold metal that said,
'God blew and they were scattered'.”


On August 6, 1588, King Phillip II of Spain reached the shores of the English Channel with its 130 massive invasion ships known as The Spanish Armada, carrying 2,500 guns along with 30,000 soldiers and sailors against Queen Elizabeth’s less than 3000 men, women and children. Nothing short of a miracle would save this small, bankrupt country from Phillip.  The Catholic Church, (Red Party) wanted nothing more than to have England’s Monarchy (Blue Party) constrained by the Church of Rome. It was Elizabeth who sought the advice of John Dee, a great Key Master, whose prophetic guidance foreshadowed that the breadth of God would blow, as one Kingdom would fall and another would rise. Queen Elizabeth would claim victory with a gold metal that said, “God blew and they were scattered.”

The same Red and Blue schema still continues to infiltrate collective consciousness in the year, 2012. Our current Red Party uses fear and divisive political rhetoric to wedge its personal agenda against women, children, the elderly, handicap, Latino’s, New Age Thought, and the poor and middle class family.  The Blue Party bends with knee to negotiate for terms, fearing the loss of their own political power, thus succumbing to the Red’s Party’s fear mongering. The impasse is straightforward.  Once again, common man finds himself revisiting the clash of Red and Blue.

Through out the centuries, Key Masters (oracles that were able to walk through doors into the future) forewarned of the Shift of Consciousness. Their prophetic words stated that woman would be the key to HOPE on our great planet. The need for HOPE arrived on November 4, 2008 and will continue, or not, on November 6, 2012. Hope is something you feel. Hope is something you believe. Hope is something you know. Hope is something that can not go away unless we send it away!!!! You either have hope or you don’t! You either walk in faith or you don’t!  Listening to these certain Men of Power dressed in cloaks of Red deride this message of hope that began in the year 2008, is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s skin smiling with deceit full eyes. Just because they say it’s so, doesn’t mean its so!!! Got it!!

You and I can make a difference today. I am a feminist man that believes today is that day. The Shift of Consciousness begins with believing that you can make a difference. Elizabeth I believed in the words of a very wise Key Master. His words inspired her to put on Hope as a shield of armor and wait. The ‘breadth of God’ will blow and they shall scatter. Well, it did!  History has taught us that over and over. Attention all women. You are being summoned!  Are you listening? Can you feel the wind?

~~Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony is the author of the international selling book; Key Master and soon to be released; Our Lady Undercroft. As a former writer and producer of Healing Journey, Anthony’s passion for ancient Numerology and Astrology became the end result of his Near Death Experience on November 11, 1987. His expertise and NDE knowledge on these unusual sciences afforded him the ability to research some complex healing modalities for Healing Journey. In 1994, Peter landed on the hit TV series; Sightings and traveled extensively around the country working with a scientific forensic paranormal investigative team. Resolving forgotten murder cases, exploring haunted houses, caves, cemeteries and concentration camps, allowed for the use of his NDE gifts for these shows. Anthony’s involvement with LaLands Group (NDE) in southern California has encouraged him to become a speaker of esoteric information and to complete the screen play adaptation from the book, Key Master. Inspired by true events, Key Master is the first book in a series of three. Peter Anthony’s books will allow the reader to discover a passageway to a world beyond the gates of paradise and shed light on subject matter for those who doubt and for those who believe.  Contact Peter at:   or