Our Lady Venus

By Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony; Kinetics MagazineMetaphysical science teaches; nothing will change until our thoughts change. In order to change something that no longer serves purpose, we must identify the steps of consciousness that brought us to this point of reality. Our Lady Venus arrives June 5th and 6th 2012.  This historical astral transit is no more than an extraordinary opportunity paved in bullion. As spiritual citizens on earth, we must survey Venus’s past visitations and ask ourselves; what major changes occurred during these planetary transits and what did we learn as a collective society. History is no more than a reminder of what we did, what we did not do and what we should have done. Sounds simple, yet, here we are with a Venus Transit coinciding with the Mayan calendar of 2012.

Venus’s transits are considered the rarest of planetary alignments as they only occur every 121 years and come in pairs, eight (8) years apart. Only seven (7) transits have happened since the invention of the telescope. Venus transits beginning in the year (1519 & 1526), (1631 & 1639), (1761 & 1769), (1874 & 1882) and (2004 & 2012) have been delivered with typical Venusian benevolence. There are two (2) sets of Venus transits that have occurred during the most provocative astrological times in our history: a.) The American Revolution and b.) Queen Elizabeth I. The 3rd transit is about to occur during this 2012 Presidential campaign. All three of these Venus transits are under the Pluto/Capricorn Reformation, i.e. (the Rise and Fall of every great civilization).

In the year 1519, Venus’s influential transit ended one of the most corrupt family dynasties of the Catholic Church. Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia), died ten days after delivering a premature deceased child. These concluding deaths finished the reign of the Borgia’s Monarchy of terror, corruption and sexual scandal that began in the papal chair of Pope Alexander VI. One of our greatest explorers, Magellan, set sail to prove that our world was not flat and the teachings of the Church’s hypothesis did not signify the abyss of Hell awaited for those who set sail. Uranus, the planet of Higher Mind, was discovered shortly after a Venus transit. The American Revolution, as well as the invention of the telephone became phenomenons under the eye of Our Lady Venus.  Every Venus transit that has occurred through out our history has delivered a proverbial clue. Science! Feminine Consciousness! New Thought! Catholic Church! Revolution! Evolution! The Arts!

Venus (ruler of beauty, fairness, the arts, equality, scales of justice, Libra, and feminine consciousness) along with a Pluto/Capricorn transit (exposing corruption in business, government, church and financial institutions) is already boot laced with prior historical (karmic) reminders. Queen Elizabeth I is considered one of the most powerful women in our history with Venus transits occurring before her birth and following her death. Known as the Elizabethan era, Queen Elizabeth exposed the corruption of the Catholic Churches’ alliance with Spain, defeated the Spanish Armada, popularly known as one of the greatest victories in history, flourished such playwrights as Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, sea fared Sir Francis Drake’s explorations and ruled a dilapidated and corrupt government while wearing the crown as one of the most powerful feminist. Elizabeth saw the need to balance the scales of justice while her political adversaries rallied against her. She promised and delivered financial stability to the people of England and became one of the biggest advocators of the arts and theatre. What was achieved during this Venus transit is nothing more than a miraculous undertaking. “Long live the Queen!”  

Perhaps we need to examine the following possibilities as Venus appears in the sky. Why are the award winning film and television series, The Game of Thrones, John Adams; American Revolution, Elizabeth and the Borgia’s, so successful today?  Is this a coincidence that these film/television shows are occurring during a Pluto/Capricorn/Venus transit as they in did in real life centuries ago? Why has the War on Women become such a controversial subject within our consciousness during an election year? Why are Catholic nuns standing up against the Republican Party, due to cutting of funds for the poor and middle class?  Have we forgotten that the national mail service enables communication across the land? Yet, this current congress wants to do away with the postal service during this Venus transit? How interesting that the postal system was established in 1631-1639 during a Venus transit. Currently, countless Vaticanofficials are strongly contesting all allegations and leaks, regarding corruption and sexual scandals within the walls of the Catholic Church. Perhaps this existing and immoral impasse is the karmic re-visitation of the Catholic Reformation of 1517?   

Money, power and corruption take pleasure in each other’s company. Venus’s transit this June is paved by way of an Eclipse (truth made public) on May 20th.  This eclipse is known as the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ Man’s Eclipse. This isoccurring right before the Supreme Courts decision regarding health care reform. Millions of women and children will be affected by this decision. Partisanpolitics of a 5-4 ruling is already in the collective consciousness. We are either on the cusp of a New World…New Age of Enlightenment or returning to the Middle Ages. The Age of Pisces, which is in the concluding stages, is handing the close-minded torch over to Venus this June. The Age of Aquarius is preparing its matriarchal followers to come forward. Feminine principles of fairness, truth, justice, equality, the arts, science and Women in Power are being summoned this very moment.

I am an ole’ man, some call an intuitive, an oracle, who understands past astral charts from centuries ago. My job is to inspire all women to come forward and make a difference. Hallowed threads of Elizabeth 1 are sown in all your souls this very moment. The Red Party of yesteryear (Catholic Church) was the basin of elimination while the Blue Party (Kings, Dukes and Queens) debated with terms. Here we are again. Red and Blue!! Science must come forward and not be denounced by the Red Party ever again!  The truest teachings of the Christ Man, quenched with new thought, new ideas and a new world of invention are essential to our very survival! One person can make a difference. Are you that person? Will you inspire others so that they may inspire and teach the principles of love and kindness? Our Lady Venus comes with a memorandum. Century after century men in power have destroyed or disregarded. Are we witnessing Revolution? Or, are we about to welcome man’s spiritual Evolution?  All eyes are upon this awakening. This is our karmic collective choice! It is calling all of us during this Golden Age! Can you hear the whispers of Elizabeth? The gale forces of a hurricane are breathing inside of us like never before.



Peter Anthony is the author of the international selling book; Key Master and soon to be released; Our Lady Undercroft. As a former writer and producer of Healing Journey, Anthony’s passion for ancient Numerology and Astrology became the end result of his Near Death Experience on November 11, 1987. His expertise and NDE knowledge on these unusual sciences afforded him the ability to research some complex healing modalities for Healing Journey. In 1994, Peter landed on the hit TV series; Sightings and traveled extensively around the country working with a scientific forensic paranormal investigative team. Resolving forgotten murder cases, exploring haunted houses, caves, cemeteries and concentration camps, allowed for the use of his NDE gifts for these shows. Anthony’s involvement with LaLands Group (NDE) in southern California has encouraged him to become a speaker of esoteric information and to complete the screen play adaptation from the book, Key Master. Inspired by true events, Key Master is the first book in a series of three. Peter Anthony’s books will allow the reader to discover a passageway to a world beyond the gates of paradise and shed light on subject matter for those who doubt and for those who believe.  Contact Peter at: www.PeterAnthonyvisions.com   or   Spiritualdetails@aol.com