By Peter Anthony

Peter anthony; Kinetics MagazineWe are in a time of great responsibility. Truth is absolute! Our levels of awareness will be amplified, May, 2012. Past elders and prophets of prior centuries spoke of a major shift or an ending in the year, 2012. Perhaps it’s not the end of the world as we know it, but, rather the end of a system that is outdated. The need for change has become the waves that crash onto the rock-strewn shore for all of humanity. The breakthrough for mass consciousness was foreshadowed in the year 2011. Fairness, equality and the merging of right action was evident when town squaresaround the world demanded justice. Thousands of ordinary men and women from the Great Lake regions of Wisconsin sent a message in a bottle that was heard around the world.  London’s, Trafalgar Square and the ancient city of Cairo were no different than the riotous and iniquitous Wall Street crowd in New York City. The spiritual antenna of humanity sent a signal to all those in power. The multitudes’ have roused from a deep slumber. We are wide awake.

There are those who say we are going towards a calamitous nowhere. I say, we are now here. Karmic collective consciousness always calls for two (2) choices, with two (2) varying outcomes. What is navigating us to this two (2) point intersection? Why are past, ruling empires from centuries ago, such as Greece, Great Britain and China playing pivotal roles in today’s blue print? How will Spain or Rome fuse into this approaching scenario? Is it possible that the Catholic Church will march to the front line, as the bow and arrow between Israel and Iran discharges? Why is this olden dispute in the Mid-East unraveling like a worn, tattered tapestry?

All these questions from a numerology/astral perspective are simple. We are being permitted to repeat and review past, ruling empires mishandling of power from the eye of a camera (world media). Saturn (karma, truth, lessons to be learned) has crossed over into the house of Libra (fairness, balance and justice) as though he/she were a curious neighbor who wants to understand the Age of Aquarius (freedom for all people, change, and old thought systems verses new thinking). Could it be that mankind’s karmic lesson is nothing more than fairness? Perhaps mankind is being allowed, yet again, to recognize equality through right action?

Our cosmic homework assignment is precise. Restore the halls of legitimacy; reconstruct a grand hallway of equality and fairness for all people, regardless of race, creed, age, gender, gay, straight, religious inclination, rich, poor and political affiliation. The faster we recognize and implement these values within our own consciousness, the faster we will select leaders who demonstrate these qualities that we hold dear. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a key ingredient missing in our current political world staged debates. Compassion!!  A simple Buddhist man shared the following elixir of true leadership with his young apprentice. “Watch their feet.” One’s words should always follow in the footsteps of kindness. Divisive language that wedges one against another, advocates my will against thy will, disrespects the rights of women, does not help the underprivileged or common person is walking a constricted path. We must scrutinize our leader’s actions and ask the following: Are their words speaking to Universal Truth?Or,are their words reminiscent of second-hand sandpaper, unable to buff and generate a new foundation for all its citizens?

The Age of Aquarius demands nothing more than freedom, new ideas, new leadership and fairness for all of humankind. If we continue down the same old, bumpy road that brought us here, then we are allowing karma to repeat itself? Now is the time to change direction. Equality and fairness are essential to the road that lies ahead. We can make a difference because it’s the right thing to do. We canrise from theashes of our past karmic choices and begin anew. Second chances happen every second when we select fairness as our guiding force. Clint Eastwood said it best during Super Bowl. “It is Half- Time in America. And our second half is about to begin.”  We can do this! 


Peter Anthony is the author of the international selling book; Key Master and soon to be released; Our Lady Undercroft. As a former writer and producer of Healing Journey, Anthony’s passion for ancient Numerology and Astrology became the end result of his Near Death Experience on November 11, 1987. His expertise and NDE knowledge on these unusual sciences afforded him the ability to research some complex healing modalities for Healing Journey. In 1994, Peter landed on the hit TV series; Sightings and traveled extensively around the country working with a scientific forensic paranormal investigative team. Resolving forgotten murder cases, exploring haunted houses, caves, cemeteries and concentration camps, allowed for the use of his NDE gifts for these shows. Anthony’s involvement with LaLands Group (NDE) in southern California has encouraged him to become a speaker of esoteric information and to complete the screen play adaptation from the book, Key Master. Inspired by true events, Key Master is the first book in a series of three. Peter Anthony’s books will allow the reader to discover a passageway to a world beyond the gates of paradise and shed light on subject matter for those who doubt and for those who believe.  Contact Peter at: www.PeterAnthonyvisions.com   or   Spiritualdetails@aol.com